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Maia Ramishvili

Maia Ramishvili is one of the leading artists in the Republic of Georgia. There is hardly another contemporary artist in Europe, with the imagery as refined and poetic as Maia’s. Her only subject matter is women.  Pensive girls, elegant ladies, stunning beauties look at us from every Maia’s painting: fabulous and incredibly feminine. Maia’s works are intentionally decorative. Their backgrounds resemble elaborate fabric collages, where every detail is masterfully executed. These collages reveal certain rhythm and melodic beauty. Maia’s characters are fragile, like a precious porcelain vase. With their large expressive eyes, elongated delicate hands, and translucent skin – the women have an air of otherworldliness. Each feature of Maia’s painting contributes to the perfect image of wholesome beauty. Each element charges the canvas with emotional energy, making it a true masterpiece.